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  • San Fernando Valley Educational Article of the Month - Are San Fernando Valley snakes harmful to cats, dogs, and other pets?

Are San Fernando Valley snakes harmful to cats, dogs, and other pets?

Everyone knows what a San Fernando Valley snake is. They have been around since the beginning of time. Snakes are something that you know you should stay away from. However, your dog, cat, or other pets may not feel the same. If you’re unsure if certain snakes are harmful to your pets, this article should set you straight and help you figure it out. If you see a California snake in your yard, you are naturally going to go out of your way to avoid it, in most cases. Unfortunately, a dog or cat may not have that instinct. A kitten is likely to pounce first, and discover later that it probably wasn’t the most fabulous idea.

Snakes are dangerous, even the non-venomous ones. The ones that aren’t poisonous may not use venom, but their fangs are a host to millions of harmful bacteria that can make your fur baby sick. Snakes are easily provoked, and even if your pet isn’t provoking it, the chances of a strike are still likely. Snakes begin to become active at the beginning of summer. They are active because they are San Fernando Valley reptiles and hibernate over the winter months. When they are first coming out of hibernation, venomous snakes are at their most dangerous. This is because over the months their venom has been stored up.

If your pet has been bitten by a poisonous California snake, there are a host of things that could go wrong. They could have blood in their urine, vomit uncontrollably, muscle spasms, and even death. Their pupils can become fully dilated and make them extra sensitive to light. Even if your furry little baby hasn’t been bitten, they can still catch diseases that San Fernando Valley snakes carry. Snakes are known for carrying parasites, salmonella, and even ringworm. Your pets can get any of these from a live snake and even a dead one.

As much as we love our animals, it is impossible to keep an eye on them 100% of the time. Dogs can be kept on leashes, but cats aren’t that easily dissuaded because they pretty much like to do what they want. The best preventative measures you can take are by keeping your yard neat and clutter-free. Mow your grass and make sure there are not piles of rocks, rotting lumber or any other dark places snakes can hide. Snakes use these kinds of places to protect themselves and stay hidden. If your pet has been bitten by a San Fernando Valley snake, it is always best that you seek immediate attention, especially if you didn’t see what kind of snake that inflicted the bite. A vet will be able to get the best treatment and possibly keep anymore discomfort from falling on your beloved animal.

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