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  • San Fernando Valley Educational Article of the Month - Repellents That Can Be Used to Get Rid of San Fernando Valley Foxes

Repellents That Can Be Used to Get Rid of San Fernando Valley Foxes

Keeping a San Fernando Valley fox away from the property is one of the most challenging tasks to do for most humans. These intelligent critters cannot be fooled with ease; you need some professional guidelines to deal with them and to stop the destruction that they often cause in the yard and garden area. One of the most commonly used method by homeowners to deal with foxes is repellents. Market these days is loaded with wide range of repellents that can be used by beginners as well, but first of all it is important to understand are they effective in reality, or it may cause just a wastage of time and money.

California foxes that visit human premises often create dens in the shed or porch area. With time, they can also trample the vegetation in your garden. Homeowners also report frequent attack of foxes on their small livestock, eggs, and poultry as well. If you have fruit loaded trees in the garden or yard, foxes will even love to eat the fallen ones. Experts recommend that if you want to keep foxes away from your habitat, the best thing you can do is create unfavorable conditions on the premises so that foxes do not find any reason to return.

You can buy a variety of San Fernando Valley fox repellents from local stores. One of the most commonly available ones is the motion activated sprinklers. The advanced technologies have provided this amazing solution that can sense movements in the targeted premises. As soon as it enters your garden or yard area, the device starts spraying some water on the animal and it will get scared. Such repellents need a hose connection to work and unlimited water supply as well.

In order to ensure a higher success rate with your repellent solution, it is important to choose the right location for your device. Prefer to mark the area where foxes keep on moving more often, it can be the perimeter of your property, a den of the fox, the garbage cans, the area where you have lots of fallen fruits. If you are a beginner, prefer to read the manufacturer’s instruction to know how to use this trap. You may need to point the sprinkling head towards the position where you want to target the animal.

Once you are able to scare them away, make efforts to reduce the attractions on your premises. Use garbage cans with tight lids so that San Fernando Valley foxes cannot open them to gain access to the leftovers inside. It is good to harvest all the fruits before then fall down; at the same time, you must remove the pet food and other human leftovers from premises. Note that foxes are very opportunistic creatures; if you do not take appropriate methods to get rid of them, they will raise their babies on your premises and will create lots of mess all around. It is good to take help from professionals to deal with these wild animals as soon as possible.

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