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  • San Fernando Valley Educational Article of the Month - Should I feed a baby wild San Fernando Valley animal I found?

Should I feed a baby wild San Fernando Valley animal I found?

The springtime is typically the most common time to see baby San Fernando Valley animals. For most of the animal population, spring is the season for having babies. So, if you’re out walking through the woods and you stumble on a baby deer or another kind of baby, it is best to leave them alone.

But, you find yourself asking questions. Should I leave it alone? Is it injured? Is it hungry? Did its momma abandon it? The chances are if you discovered the baby, its momma is off searching for food. There are a few signs you can look for if you think a wild animal needs your help.

If your beloved pet presents one to you: Sometimes our California cats and dogs like to bring us gifts. These gifts are typically in the form of baby animals they have found. In these cases, they have either found the animal themselves, or they took them.

A significant sign is the San Fernando Valley animal needs your help is if it is bleeding. Apparently, if the baby is bleeding, then something is wrong. The best solution for this is to call someone to come check it out. If you find a baby animal alone in the woods, the best option is to leave it alone for a day to see if the parent returns. When you return, if the baby is crying and still in the same place, it’s a good indication that the mother has yet to return, and she might not.

It is better never to feed wild baby California animals because their diets are particular and honed to their mothers. Their digestive systems often can’t hand domestic food. There are also a few things you need to consider. What kind of animal is it? There are some wild animals in nature that are docile and will allow for you to care for them and feed them. However, there are some babies that are naturally aggressive and will attack.

This could be dangerous because a single scratch from a wild San Fernando Valley animal could cause you to contract a disease. It seems odd that a baby animal no more than a few days old could be so dangerous, but in a lot of instances, bacteria, parasites, and other harmful pathogens can be passed from momma to baby.

If you do take an injured or abandoned baby California animal, you should try to give it water or milk, avoiding solid foods. Since they are so young, their digestive systems can’t handle new food introductions. It is essential that you call a wildlife conservation department, so they can come see the baby as soon as possible. They are trained on taking care of animals, and this includes abandoned babies.

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